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According to the new Students’ Regulations students are free to either accept or reject the grades received “within 3 calendar days from the publication” of the exam results, even if the last day for their publication falls on a nonworkday.

Warning: if you do not formally reject the grade received, you are giving your tacit consent for it to be submitted for transcription.

The students will receive an e-mail message to their institutional e-mail box(S<”,) informing them that the exam results have just been published. The same message will appear on the home page of the student’s personal account in ESSE3.

The student’s decision is final and cannot be changed.

To formally accept or reject the grade received, please go to:

1. Exam results board

  • Log in in your ESSE3 personal account
Home Page Studenti
  • Open the menu by clicking on the icon


  • Click on Esami - Appelli
  • Click on Bacheca Esiti

2. How to accept or reject the grade received

Bacheca Esiti
  • Check the data chiusura esame for the exams on the *bacheca esiti*. Students can select their choice by the date indicated
  • Click on the icon Ico esiti1.png to access the exam results board
  • Check the grade / evaluation entered by the professor
  • Click on Intendo completare l'esame con il conseguente inserimento del voto in carriera if you accept the grade
  • Click on Mi ritiro if you reject the grade
  • Click on Conferma to confirm your selection. Now your selection can no longer be changed
  • Click on Esci to quit without confirmation
  • Click on Annulla to reset your selection.
  • On your Bacheca esiti an icon for your acceptance Accettato.gif or non-acceptance Ico esiti2.png of the grade will appear
Visualizzazione stato
  • Exam results such as Assenti/Ritirato/Insufficiente can also appear if the candidate was absent, withdrawn or failed the exam, and they can be neither accepted nor rejected